How laser printers monitor toner supply?
Ever wondered how a laser printer unit is able to detect the toner supply levels of a toner cartridge? There is a small electronic device on the cartridge that is attached at the rear end of the toner hopper called the reset chip. The chip resets the cartridge’s page counter that reckons the number of printouts for a particular cartridge.[adsenseyu1]
Say for the Q6000A toner cartridge of the HP 2600 laser printer series – rated 2500 pages at 5% page coverage, the reset chip functions like a memory device that records the number of printouts churned out by the printer (using the same cartridge). This way, the laser printer is able to monitor toner supply levels and consequently prompt the user once supply has reached low levels. And since the reset chip is identified as a lockout chip, the printer will refuse to conduct more printing –following the printout of the 2500th page as the cartridge is now recognized to be empty.
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How to override the Lockout Chip?
Reset chips however pose some limitations to users intending to refill empty toner cartridges or optimize the gram weight of toner supplied with the OEM cartridge. Around 1/4 of toner supplied with the retail cartridge is retained in the hopper after the Toner Out message has been prompted. At that rate, the cartridge can still produce a few hundred pages – if only the reset chip can be manipulated.
Well, that is possible! The user will only have to tinker with the cartridge a bit and replace the old chip with a new reset chip that is compatible with the Q6000A toner cartridge.

Third party manufacturers have developed reset chips intended for different cartridges and these can be ordered through online vendors of compatible toner products.

How to Install the Reset Chip?
For those intending to use toner refill kits, getting a new reset chip is also necessary. It’s either the laser printer won’t print at all following the refill or the user ends up continually bugged by error messages in the course of printing.

Replacing the HP 2600 reset chip is not difficult at all. It only takes locating the reset chip, on the cartridge; carefully plucking it out of its slot and installing the replacement chip thereafter.

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