Tech savvies are in for a treat with the all new eye-candy in portability and innovation from Samsung. As technology continues to advance, devices such as smartphones and tablets fuel consumers to face the dilemma of choosing the ideal gadget that promises both convenience and mobility. The Samsung Galaxy Note successfully covers the gap between phones and tablets with its smaller design, less expensive price, and the ability to use it to make calls. These features add up to an amazing experience, making it the best smartphone tablet combo in the market today.


The Samsung Galaxy Note is guaranteed to be the perfect solution for people who are always on the go. It is ideal for individuals who have to work on the move and do not wish to be inconvenienced by the weight of either tablet or a netbook. This new breed of smartphone tablet combo enriches your mobile experience by preventing consumers from having to carry and switch in between multiple devices with unique benefits. The following are the core features of this device that makes it a must-have among users.

Large and immersive screen with smartphone portability. The device is the first 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED display in the world, making it the largest high-resolution screen size among smartphones. It is not as small as the regular 3 inch screened smartphones or as broad as the 7 to 10 inch screens of tablets. This makes the Galaxy Note a hybrid between portability and immersive viewing experience.

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Full screen utilization for fast and effective tasking. The benefits of a 5.3 inch display include the convenience of being able to scroll and navigate the screen with ease. It also features the S Planner application that promises to organize your complicated schedules efficiently.

Free capturing and creation. The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with the S Pen, which is considered as the most advanced in pen input technology. The S Pen offers pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and a whole lot more that allows the users to write personal notes and sketch drawings while on the go. In addition, the S Memo application lets users record their ideas together using pictures, notes, and voice recordings that they can edit, annotate, and share as they please.

Powerful performance. This smartphone tablet combo is powered by a 1.4GHz dual core processor that launches applications with ease and a 4G LTE network that lets you enjoy fast web connectivity. The device is outfitted with an 8MP camera that captures vivid images and a 2500mAh battery that allows for longer usage and extends the delight of using the device’s powerful features.

It is noteworthy that this brilliant device comes with the revamped Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. This version update features a handful of bug fixes as well as improved user interface and performance. A great addition to this smartphone tablet combo is its ability to be configured for cloud printing using Google cloud print or any android free app. Thus, if you are craving for the new Samsung Galaxy Note, it is important to remember that it would “most likely” be released in the United States a couple of months after its European debut.

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