It seems parents are not unanimous in allowing their children to use Smartphones. In fact, the ratio is split 50-50. The yes saying it could help, while the no claiming otherwise.

Smartphones like the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III are incredible mobile phones. They are loaded with features such as portable cameras and media players like video recorders. Some even have GPS tracking capabilities. The reason behind this parental concern is that these devices are hooked to the Internet. Thus, it provides teenagers access to various Smartphone apps that could be detrimental to their development.

Parents will never be in a position to supervise the Smartphone usage of teenagers. Moreover, unlimited access could lead children to (1) become anti-social; (2) succumb to a weakened eyesight; (3) experience negative effects on the brain; and (4) even stunted on body development.

Anti-social tendencies: Too much use of the Smartphone detaches teenagers from the real surroundings, defeating the purpose of social interaction. A typical playtime is sacrificed since children stay alone in the company of the gadget.

Eyesight weakening: Exposure to the Smartphone screen at an early age could cause children to develop poor eyesight. Constant adjustment to the screen could result in headaches and even migraines.

Effects on brain development: Use of the Smartphone entails tapping the screen to jump from one option to another. When this turns into a habit, it could affect concentration. This in particular is focusing on a subject and therefore affecting comprehension.

Effects on body development: This is more pronounced since kids will eventually sacrifice physical activity in favor of social media and online gaming. Online video games are addictive, making kids sit still for hours. When they are so focused on the game, it discourages each from even getting-up to eat. And this could lead to various body ailments.

These are just among the many consequences if children will be allowed to use Smartphones at their own discretion. Since the various applications are quite addicting, the use of the gadget will really need parental supervision.

The other end of the spectrum urges children to be aware of the technical benefits that only Smartphone can offer. This in effect allows them to believe that early exposure can lead kids to understand the real issues behind sending and receiving e-mails, engaging in video conferencing or calls, online research, and even access to direct online games and videos. In addition, they contend that use of the Smartphone early on trains kids to be technically inclined. It is a problem that most adults experience because of poor exposure to technical developments.

Smartphones could be the cool gadgets for kids if responsible teenagers are allowed to use. But such could be detrimental if use is not properly supervised. So, would you allow your kids to use smartphones?

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