Ipad to Iphone

Chanced upon a cool new app today while browsing Cult of Mac. Called Quick.io, the app let’s a Mac or PC user stream, download and share  documents, audio and video files to iOS devices.

I would consider it a cross between cloud storage services and iTunes’ Home Sharing Feature. But this time, you wont be paying for storage unlike Dropbox or Box.net since the app will only stream the indexed folders of your Mac or PC to your iOS device. So there is no need to upload media files. There is also no storage limit since what is being virtually accessed is the HDD or SSD of a Mac or PC. And unlike iTunes, you will be able to access document files and your Mac and iOS device don’t even have to be in the same network to be able to do just that. Best of all is that you can actually access your Mac or PC files at home through your iPhone or iPad when you are on the road.

Registration is fast and easy.  New users can sign up for an account via Facebook, Google+ or an email address. Simply sign in on your Mac and then on the iOS device to start using Quick.io. The app is currently free to download and works best if you have a stable internet connection.

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