First there were slates and then there were ultraportables. In both categories, Apple’s iPad and Macbook Air have the upper hand and continues to do so. But will the release of Windows 8 laptops finally slacken Apple’s hold on the tablet and ultraportables market?

While tablets and ultraportables were designed to meet particular mobile computing functions and users, there appears to be a user demand for a slate that can transform into a notebook or a laptop that can double as a tablet (Depends on how you view hybrids!) – and using the same platform at that. The iPad uses iOS while the Airs use OSX. But with the touch capabilities of Windows 8 RT and PRO, tablets and notebooks can now be accessed on a common platform.

As an avid Apple user, I did take a second look on the Windows 8 tablets like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga and wondered if it was better to use this convergence product than a separate Macbook Air and iPad . Here are a few of the Windows 8 tablets, laptops or convertibles that caught my eye.

Microsoft Surface RT

The kickstand and keyboard are an interesting addition to this nice looking toy.

It’s a tad heavier than The New iPad though at 1.9 lbs.

Asus Vivo Tab

Sturdy construction and powerful specs – add up to 16 hours of battery life then you have one awesome hybrid.

Looks like an Asus Transformer running Windows RT.

Dell XPS 12

Finally, there is a hybrid that does away with a docking keyboard and the latches.

And its display flips on its frame by the way, which is part of the XPS 12’s appeal.

Indeed, I am impressed with the design and functionality put into Windows 8 tablets. But for now, I will probably stick with my Air and iPad. While these hybrids give me the best of both worlds, I’m sure there are some trade offs to this convergence that would make a hybrid either a better slate than it is an ultraportable, and vice versa so that you will need to compromise.

For one, it will be heavier to use as a tablet, particularly the XPS 12 with its non-detachable keyboard. Furthermore, there are more Apps available with iOS and Android so where’s the fun in that if you have limited apps to work with.

So would you trade in your laptop/ultraportable and tablet for the hybrid Windows 8 tablets?

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