Many people think that the era of desktop computers are coming to an end. This however, is completely untrue. Even though PCs don’t receive as much attention as gaming consoles these days, it still is the best device to game on. For reference, a mid tier gaming PC will be able to perform much better than the most recent console like the Xbox One and PS4. These are some good reasons why you should get a PC instead of a console.

pc graphics

Graphics Rendering Capabilities

Game consoles like Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One packs up to date and powerful miniature GPUs. This gives them the ability to produce high quality graphics at good enough frame rates. However, these mini graphics processors are still generations away from regular video cards a gaming PC can get today. In addition to that, smaller GPUs heats up faster which will affect the rendering capability of the card resulting to visual tears and often times reduced FPS. Bigger graphics cards on the other hand, are less likely to suffer from tears and decreasing FPS as they have better heat management and cooling solutions.

pc future proofin

Future Proofing

Games become more difficult to drive each year. This means to get an enjoyable gaming experience the gaming device must pack a good amount of power to run games 2 or 3 years later. Gaming PCs have this advantage over game consoles as they typically are more future proofed. A medium tier desktop computer can last at least 5 years depending on how fast technology progresses. Consoles on the other hand will have a hard time running games after a year or two. Users will have to decrease graphics settings to minimum to to get a playable performance. This is also one of the reasons why games for consoles require less graphics rendering capabilities as well as overall hardware than their PC counterparts.

pc practicality


Lets face it, game consoles can only run games or play videos which isn’t really practical at this point in time. A gaming PC on the other hand, will have the capabilities of a productive computer that can run programs like word processors, video editors and all the things you need for work. More so, the price to performance ratio of desktop computers will always top that of consoles and other mobile devices. The only drawback of PCs is that they are not as portable as consoles. However, in terms of bang for the buck ratio, performance and multi-tasking capabilities desktops will always stand on top.

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