Siri is an additional feature in iPhones starting from 4S up. It serves as a personal assistant with artificial intelligence that works as an iOS application. The app can answer questions, make recommendations as well as reservations. It can also perform certain actions by handing over requests to a set of Web services. The AI is now more intelligent and more useful be it for productivity or for entertainment. Here is how you can activate and configure this handy app in your iPhone 5S:

siri 11


1. Turn on your iPhone 5S. Make sure that it has enough battery life to fully function. Otherwise, charge the device.siri 1

2. Launch the Settings application from your home screen.siri 2

3. Select “General” in the Settings tab by tapping on it.siri 3

4. Tap on “Siri” to open the next tab.siri 4

5. Tap on “Siri” to toogle on or off. Turn the feature on.

6. On the same screen, tap on “Language” and select a language or a dialect that best suits you.

7. Choose whether Siri always talks back to you, or only when you’re on Hands-free mode. Tap on “Voice Feedback” to configure this feature.

8. Scroll down on the same tab and tap “My Info” to update your contact card. This is so Siri recognizes you and enables the app to function properly when asking it about locations and other information related to the user.

9. You can also choose to turn on “Raise to Speak”. This is so Siri pops up whenever you bring your iPhone 5s near your ear and you’re not on a call.

siri 12

After configuring Siri, you can now fully enjoy your personal assistant with artificial intelligence in your iPhone 5S. You can use it to input voice commands and the app will do the hard labor for you. It is very convenient but does consume quite a bit of your battery life. Enjoy!

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